Regulatory Change for Aluminium Sulphate Solution Effective January 1st 2018.

Chemifloc Ltd wish to make our customers aware of a technical change in product classification for Liquid Aluminium Sulphate that will occur on January 1st 2018. There is no change in the actual product supplied by Chemifloc or its specification.

The change involves an ADR reclassification from Non-Regulated to ‘UN3264 CORROSIVE LIQUID, ACIDIC, INORGANIC, N.O.S.(Aluminium Sulphate Solution)’.

As part of this change, with each site delivery Chemifloc drivers will furnish all customers with a pack which will include the necessary labelling (Storage tanks and PPE). Please reference the Chemifloc website for revised SDS and Specification. 

All Chemifloc road tankers and articulated trucks carrying Aluminium Sulphate solution are ADR certified and from January 1st 2018 they will carry placards and markings for UN3264. Chemifloc currently has a fleet of 32 road tankers of which 18 are used for transporting Aluminium Sulphate solution.