Our Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ) Policy

This policy details the SHEQ policy for all Chemifloc-associated sites: Chemifloc Shannon, Chemifloc Foynes, Chemilabs Shannon, and GI Chemicals DAC. Chemifloc manufactures and supplies Water, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, and Industrial Chemicals.

At Chemifloc, we are dedicated to the well-being of people and the environment.

To achieve this vision, we at Chemifloc Ltd are committed to the following:

  • Safety, health, care for the environment, and quality are prerequisites to any business we undertake.
  • We all take personal responsibility for SHEQ.
  • Managers at all levels demonstrate visible leadership.
  • We apply this policy in our day-to-day behaviour and decisions.
  • SHEQ is 100% of our behaviour, 100% of the time.

We strive to be a leader in SHEQ to meet the following objectives:

  • Zero incidents.
  • Zero harm to communities in which we do business.
  • Safe, secure, and healthy working conditions for all our people and all those who work with us.
  • Supplying safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible products and services.
  • Prevention of pollution to the environment.
  • Responsible use of natural resources.
  • Research, development, and promotion of technologies, products, and services that are sustainable with regard to SHEQ.
  • Satisfying customer needs and expectations.

We will:

  • Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory, internal, and industry requirements.
  • Commit to consultation with and participation of workers, and, where they exist, workers’ representatives.
  • Proactively identify, eliminate, or minimise potential sources of harm or risk arising from all our activities.
  • Continuously improve our performance to achieve our objectives.
  • Share our knowledge and experience in safety, health, and care for the environment.
  • Show our accountability for our performance by regularly measuring, reviewing, and reporting.
  • Require our contractors and partners to manage in line with this policy.
  • Expect our clients and suppliers to actively cooperate in achieving our objectives.
  • Provide training, standards, equipment, and support to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Maintain open communication with our local communities and stakeholders.

Energy Mandate:

We recognise energy as a controllable operating expense. Lower energy consumption results in decreased operating expenses, environmental emissions, and maintenance costs. Energy management is the responsibility of everyone in our facility, guided and supported by the SHEQ Manager. We will assess our energy performance and share energy use data with all employees. We will create and implement an energy plan to achieve our energy goals.

This policy is a key part of Chemifloc’s overall strategy and is reviewed regularly by the Chemifloc executive management board. We give our personal commitment to the above policy, which shall be fully implemented.